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JEANS are dead, long live leggings.

That seems to be the cry from Australian consumers who have taken stretchy leggings from the pilates studio to the high street – dealing a blow to trouser powerhouse Levi Strauss.

The most iconic leggings company in the world, Lululemon Athletica, now takes in far more sales revenue in Australia than the world’s most famous denim brand, Levi’s, chalking up more than $70 million a year in sales. Levi Strauss, by comparison, sold less than $50 million worth of products in the 12 months to last November.

Fashion experts have said Levi misread the market, seeing stretchy pants “as a trend when they were more like a clothing revolution”.

Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of Brisbane-based fitness-wear brand Lorna Jane, said yesterday there was no doubt “tights are the news jeans”.

“The modern woman wants a wardrobe that will keep up with her busy lifestyle and for me, a good pair of tights does just that,” she said.

“Tights are extremely versatile and really can be worn in almost any situation – from your morning yoga class, to coffee with friends and can even be dressed up for a board meeting with a blazer and heels.

“You certainly can’t say the same about a pair of jeans.”

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