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Researcher says lone-wolf attackers telegraph intent


AN AUSTRALIAN researcher who spent more than two years studying nearly 100 lonewolf extremists is helping authoritie­s profile the next M Man Haron Monis.

Sociologis­t Ramon Spaaij’s g groundbrea­king investigat­ion p provides vital clues in identifyin ing lone-wolf attackers before th they can unleash deadly assa saults, such as Sydney’s Lindt ca cafe siege. “Although it’s not n necessaril­y predictabl­e in a sense of who is going to be the next lone wolf, who is going to be the next Man Haron Monis, (pictured) we have identified a number of key behaviours, or factors, that really make their behaviour visible,’’ he said.

He said the findings, which translated to the counterter­rorism fight in Australia, found many lone-wolf actors “broadcast their intent before they strike”.

“Lone wolves are really a di- verse bunch, yet what they have in common is a number of processes and habits they go through to get to the point where they make that bomb, or fire that gun.”

Dr Spaaij, from Victoria University, and Mark Hamm, of Indiana State University, studied 98 lone-wolf actors in the US under a long-term project funded by the US National Institute of Justice. NEIL DOORLEY

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