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Inquest told 4.5m croc snatched man from tinny

Tumbles keep hospitals busier than car crashes


DARWIN mann Bill Scott was s standing in hiss tinny about to fill a bucket of water while fishing on a Kakadu billabong g when a bow wavee hit the boat.

“He tried to o steady himself and d put his hand outt towards the back of the boat and this thing came up from behind the motor and grabbed him and flipped him out and that was it, he was gone,” his wife Roslyn told Darwin Coroners Court yesterday at an inquest into his death.

The inquest is b being heard in tand dem with that into th the death of fisherman Lanh Van Tran, who was seizedse by a croc twotw months later lastla August as he retrievedr­e a line. BothB crocs were morem than 4.5m longlo and weighed abouta half a tonne.

In Mr Scott’s case, it was the first time a crocodile had snatched someone from a boat.

The inquest will examine if the risk from fatal crocodile attacks has increased. ONE in three older Australian­s falls each year, with hospital admissions more than double those of road crashes.

And the risk of a fall for those with dementia is even higher, says Professor Keith Hill of Curtin University.

He has called for a national approach and substantia­lly more resources for prevention of falls, similar to that for preventing road accidents.

Prof Hill was speaking after delivering a keynote speech at the 9th national Dementia Research and Knowledge Translatio­n Forum in Sydney.

“Falls are the most common form of injury in Australia – 10 per cent cause serious injuries and there are two-and-a-half more hospitalis­ations due to falls than for motor vehicle accidents,” he said.

“An enormous amount of resources have gone into preventing motor vehicle accidents, in terms of policy planning, policing, mass media, rehabilita­tion.

“But in falls prevention, we don’t have that concerted effort. The other important thing coming out of the research is exercise.

“If we can get people with dementia in the early stages to undertake a particular exercise that includes balance training, then we can reduce their risk,” Prof Hill said.

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