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Charts fail to recognise The Voice of a winner


TELEVISION’S The Voice continues to struggle to turn its hit ratings into a hit single.

This year’s winner, 16-yearold Ellie Drennan, sold just 5907 copies when her single Ghost debuted at No.25 on the ARIA chart last week. Her performanc­e of Ghost was seen by more than 1.5 million viewers on The Voice’s grand final.

Drennan’s low sales aren’t much better than last year’s winner Anja Nissen who managed just 3023 sales.

“Originally the reality format drove music sales and created pop stars,” Paul Cashmere of music website Noise 11 said.

“Now we have a division between the television audience and the music-buying audience, with little crossover into both sectors. The show is more important than the participan­ts and the real stars of the show are the judges.”

Universal Music is rumoured to be signing runnersup Joe Moore, Nathan Hawes and Liam Maihi for albums of their covers from The Voice.

The record label only signed Nissen from last year’s contestant­s, but signed the top four acts for the first two years.

The X Factor has had more chart success. Last year’s winner Marlisa Punzalan, who turns 16 next month, reached No. 2 with her platinum debut single Stand By You.

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