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SHESH MAY be late to the party, but Bachelor intruder

Lana Jeavons-Fellows looks as though she could be the one to receive the final rose. This week Bachelor Sam

Wood is down to the final five women on the reality dating show, which has become a hot water-cooler topic around the country and has enjoyed its best-ever ratings.

Along with Lana, early favourite Heather, single- m mum Snezana,S career woman Sarah and Brissie woman Nina are still in the running. Lana was sent into the house weeks after the original cast of 19 but quickly formed a connection with the hunky Wood.

Confidenti­al spoke to some of our local celebritie­s and former Bacheloret­tes to see who they thought would win Wood’s heart.

Lana, along with Snezana, is clearly making an impression.

LAURINA FLEURE, CONTESTANT ON THE BACHELOR 2014 LANA “I think he’s going to choose Lana.”

ABBY COLEMAN, HIT105 LANA “I can’t decide between Snezana, Sarah and Heather, so I’m going with ... Lana. She has the best qualities of all the girls combined!” TIFFINY HALL, THE BIGGEST LOSER LANA “I think Lana will win The Bachelor. Sam seems intrigued by her. She is a confident, intelligen­t woman who looks like she would challenge Sam and enjoy his healthy fit lifestyle.” LISA HYDE, RUNNER-UP ON THE BACHELOR 2014 SNEZANA “I’m still backing an original girl and going to choose Snezana, although Lana will be a close second. It really is going to be a really hard decision for Sam.”

 ??  ?? HIS CHOICE: Sam Wood and Lana share
a personal moment.
HIS CHOICE: Sam Wood and Lana share a personal moment.

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