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There is no limit to us caring for fellow man


ANDREW Bolt’s column ( C-M, Sep 7) urged us to temper compassion with wisdom before opening our borders to the refugees (pictured) pouring into Europe.

He cited one case where the victim did not qualify as a victim, according to his set of criteria. Bolt asked: “... Can the West really take in not just real refugees, but the Third World’s poor as well?” He asked this question from the comfort of his well-padded life far from the Third World.

You don’t have to be a Christian to know the story of the good Samaritan. Luckily the good Samaritan did not ask to see the credential­s of the injured traveller as he lay by the side of the road.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is obviously reading from the same book as Bolt, as he finally stated that he would allow in more Syrian refugees, but at the expense of other refugees by refusing to increase this country’s overall intake. This policy comes just days after his government announced tax cuts next year.

Perhaps Abbott could keep my tax cut and help some of the Third World’s poor.

There is no limit to caring for one’s fellow man and no set of criteria for compassion.

This Government is eager to drop bombs in the Middle East but less keen to help those affected by the conflict.

These people are fleeing war, civil unrest and poverty in the Middle East and Africa.

This is a chance for all Western, democratic government­s to show that we are different from those oppressive regimes that we denounce regularly. Louen M. Wright, Wavell Heights ANDREW Bolt hit the nail on the head amid the passionate outpouring regarding the mass migration overwhelmi­ng Europe.

Are we being conned by people claiming to be asylum seekers? I believe the Greens are touting for another 20,000 “refugees” to be added to Australia’s intake quota.

Unfortunat­ely that 20,000 will be immediatel­y replaced by another 20,000 and then another. The world has an endless supply of refugees.

One solution is to annihilate ISIS in Syria and accept the collateral damage.

Whereas the West probably has the manpower, firepower and technology to do so, I doubt that it has the willpower.

ISIS has managed to thrust a Muslim force larger than the D-Day landing deep into Europe, which shows you don’t need machine guns and tanks for a successful invasion. Richard Marman, Parrearra DOES anybody else see the irony of the Syrian situation?

Tony Abbott has magnanimou­sly accepted 4500 Syrian refugees in the past year while at the same time deciding whether or not to bomb their country. Terry Marsden, Mansfield

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