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Curfew a good start to stop child gangs


YOUR shocking front-page story, headlined “Shame” ( C-M, Sep 7), on out-of-control gangs of children in Mount Isa running riot, brought back vivid memories of when l worked at the Mary Kathleen uranium mine before its closure.

Going to Mount Isa on weekends, I was vigilant about unruly gangs of young Aboriginal children roaming the streets late at night causing mayhem and destructio­n in the shopping precinct. Regretfull­y, little appears to have changed.

It seems to have only escalated with the rampant abuse of ice, on top of other illicit drugs abused by their parents, leading incredibly to drug-affected children as young as six roaming the streets committing crimes.

The problem stems from family neglect.

Community leaders need to find better ways of keeping these “feral kids” sequestere­d at home by strict and drug-free parents.

A blanket early curfew would be a good start. Rudolf Bojtschuk, Brisbane City IT WAS scary to read about the young Aboriginal children in Mount Isa who feel more secure wandering the streets at night than at home.

They seem to be Australian refugees trying to escape from danger.

While we should be accepting refugees from other places, such as Syria, our priority as a country should be to make sure that these Australian children are protected, cared for and given a chance in our “lucky” country. Lesley Brandis, Camp Hill

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