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Body index goes to waist


I HAD a bit of a chuckle reading your yarn “JT and Billy are obese? Fat chance” ( C-M, Sep 7).

Body Mass Index is based on gender, height and weight but the real test is the circumfere­nce of the waist.

If the gut is protruding and obviously hanging over the belt line, you are obese, no matter how much your fitness coach or personal trainer may try to build up your spirits.

Moderate exercise on a regular basis will keep your weight and physique in a reasonably presentabl­e state, no matter what you eat or drink.

It seems to me, as an old bloke, that we are being fed a load of tripe about food intake when it’s always been how we expend energy.

The only way we can do that is by engaging in consistent physical activity.

Sitting behind the wheel in a truck, propped comfortabl­y behind a desk on a swivel chair and all such lack of movement is guaranteed to stack on the kilos, most of them around your gut. Merv C. Bartlett, Pallara

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