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Voters have lost trust in Abbott


READING your Editorial and columnist Rowan Dean’s pro-Abbott masterpiec­e ( C-M, Sep 7), one would think there was an election in the wind.

Unfortunat­ely, all the spin cannot deflect from a government in real trouble, reflected in more poor ratings.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s significan­t misjudgmen­t was aligned to Julia Gillard’s statement that “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead”, with Abbott spruiking there would be no cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions and no change to the GST.

The Government continues to fumble with poor decision-making, a lack of any real leadership and a backbench mutiny on the horizon. Voters have turned off and are not listening.

Is Labor ready to govern? Probably not. But, most significan­tly, Abbott and his government have lost the trust and respect of the electorate. Tony Grigsby, Southport BOTH your Editorial and Rowan Dean’s column told us that, since the last election, Tony Abbott has been doing a good job.

The only good job he is doing is keeping his own job. Amazingly, after two years, our PM, with little electoral appeal, still has the top job.

If conservati­ve commentato­rs want a Coalition government after the next election, they should agitate for a leadership change soon because, barring some divine interventi­on, he will not win the next election for them. Jeffrey Sheppard, Lutwyche I COULDN’T agree more with Rowan Dean who outlined the many positives achieved by Tony Abbott and his Government.

Sadly we are all far too quick to criticise, and slow to praise.

This doesn’t apply just to prime ministers, but to each other as well. Carol da Costa-Roque, Annerley

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