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THE call is out for students in south east Queensland to register and join the Tangalooma Eco–Marines a not for profit organisati­on, whose mission is to make a positive difference to the conservati­on of local waterways, ecosystems and marine life within Moreton Bay by inspiring, motivating and educating school students to be active change agents.

Set up in 2014 to help save Moreton Bay, with support from Tangalooma Island Resort, Earthcheck and Healthy Waterways. Its founding patron is Dr David Neil from the University of Queensland, who has been studying Moreton Bay’s marine environmen­t for more than 20 years.

The program offered to schools recently won the the 2015 Sustainabl­e Education Award sponsored by Veolia at the annual Healthy Waterways Awards held recently.

Any school can sign up to be involved in the Tangalooma EcoMarines (TEM) Primary School Program; it’s free and it’s easy to run. There are currently 16 schools in the program and the program director, Penny Limbach is seeking more passionate teachers to sign up and appoint students to become Tangalooma EcoMarines Ambassador­s for their school.

The program is currently targeting Years 4 and 5. All resources are provided free of charge to schools. These include the EcoMarines Challenges which are hands-on activities in which students are able to action positive environmen­tal changes and spread awareness to others in their school and community.

The challenges include:

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