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Bulimba eco-rappers

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Principal Michael Zeuschner believes that the program provides networking opportunit­ies for the schools involved and allows students to make a difference and inspire each other to be influentia­l leaders in their school. EcoMarine ambassador­s from his school recently co-wrote a rap to bring attention to the use of excessive wrapping and packaging of consumer items.

Students introduced Wrapper Free Wednesdays with the following rap which may be seen online on YouTube. Wrapper Free Wednesday is at our school, Leaving wrappers at home is really, really cool.

We all like marine life, like turtles and seals, But they don’t want rubbish for their meals.

We’re being very serious, it is not a joke, Rubbish in our waterways will make our animals choke.

We need your support to help save the bay, So that’s why we’re doing Wrapper Free Wednesday.

 ??  ?? Eco rappers from
Bulimba State School
Eco rappers from Bulimba State School

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