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Currency dip seasons tech deals


THE falling Australian dollar may have made overseas holidays more expensive but it has had the reverse effect on iPads and iPhones.

Australia has become the second cheapest country in the world, in US dollar terms, to buy a new iPad Air 2, research released by CommSec shows.

Australian shoppers are forking out about $US113 ($A163.50) less than California­ns to buy the tablet devices.

Prices for the iPhone 6 Plus are also the fifth cheapest, based on a survey of Apple products on sale in more than 50 countries. CommSec’s chief economist Craig James attributes the recent plunge in the Australian dollar for helping to keep a lid on prices of some of the most sought-after tech devices on the market.

“Last year the Aussie dollar was US86.6¢. Today it is closer to US69.1¢,” he said.

“As a result, the cost of an iPad Air 2 has fallen in US dollar terms from $US536.30 to $US427.66.” The most expens- ive country to buy the same iPad was Argentina ($US1500) while Malaysia was the cheapest ($US398.26).

While the currency has been tumbling, prices for the devices haven’t surged in Australia. CommSec found the local price for the iPad Air 2 16GB Wi-Fi model was $619, unchanged from last November.

Mr James suggested local retailers were having the same dilemma as Apple faces when currencies change – should they adjust local prices on their products or not?

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