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1 The annual Stan Siejka Cycling Classic is held in which Australian city?

2 What is the official language of Senegal?

3 David Rossi replaced Jason Gideon in which TV series?

4 In the 1950s, which two banks merged to become the ANZ Bank?

5 Prickly pear is a common name for a species of what type of plant?

6 The coastline of which Australian state was shaken by three 5+ magnitude earthquake­s at the end of July and beginning of August this year?

7 How many gold medals did Australia win at the 2015 World Aquatics Championsh­ips?

8 In Charlie andt he Chocolate Factory, what is the name of the boy who watches too much TV? 9 True or false: a flea has six legs? 10 In folklore, a bullet must be made of what for it to kill a werewolf? 11 Kevin Richardson is best known as a member of which boy-band? 12 Jay Roach was the director of which popular movie trilogy?

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