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ARRIVALS: Pacific Dawn to Brisbane Cruise Terminals from Brisbane at 1am; Puccini to FI 5 from Port Kelang at 9am; Mol Earnest to FI 10 from Sydney at 9.30am; Sri Lanka to FI 7 from Singapore at 6.30pm; Frisia Aller to FI 10 from Sydney at 7pm; Golden Concord (GF) to Maritime 1 from Pasir Gudang at 7pm; Jupiter Spirit to FI 2 from Ulsan at 9pm. DEPARTURES: Xin Chang Sha from FI 8 to Auckland at 3am; Maersk Virgina from FI 10 to Sydney at 5am; Arafura Sea Delta from Queensport to Lord Howe Island at 9am; Mdt 1803 from Queensport to Lord Howe Island at 9am; Anl Warrain from FI 5 to Yokohama at 11am; Fpmc B 105 from Ship to Ship Transfer to Mailiao at 11.40am; Pacific Dawn from Brisbane Cruise Termianls to Airlie Beach at 2pm; Hanjin Aqua from FI 7 to Sydney at 7pm; Capitaine Fearn from FI 2 to Suva at 8pm; Stolt Azami (GF) to Incitec North to Singapore at 10.30pm; Lo Shen from FI 1 to Bunbury at 11pm.

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