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Radio star ‘welcome at Nova’


TROUBLED Brisbane radio star Ash Bradnam will be welcomed back to Nova as soon as he is ready to work.

Yesterday, station boss Jay Walkerden confirmed Bradnam would be back on air.

“At the moment he is in a fantastic spot,” he said.

Yesterday it was revealed Bradnam was taking medication which makes him feel sick if he drinks alcohol.

The Nova breakfast host faced Southport Magistrate­s Court yesterday morning to plead guilty to a second drinkdrivi­ngg charge in six x years.

Bradnam was arrested in May after he crashed into a parked car near his Runaway Bay home. He recorded a blood alcohol concentrat­ion of between 0.1 and 0.15 per cent, more than double the legal limit.

In court, Bradnam sat quietly while defence lawyer Darren Mahony detailed the star’s efforts to fight his addiction until a slip following a Kokoda fundraiser. “He made a foolish decision and he is deeply ashamed,” Mr Mahony said.

Magistrate Cathy-Ann McLennan fined him $750 and banned him from driving for six months.

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