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IT’S the second chance for a safe, happy life for this young mum and her family.

Duha moved to Runcorn in Brisbane’s south from her home in Syria five months before the war broke out, escaping with her parents. Now almost five years later, the 29-year-old is married with two young girls and has started afresh.

“I get a chance to get a new life, to do what I want to do and live in a safe place,” she said.

But the young woman is still plagued by what is happening in her home country, including the death of her older brother in the conflict three years ago.

“The army came to the house and took the young men,” she said.

“They killed my brother, they took him on his birthday and he never came back.”

Duha, who did not want her surname published, is working with the Multicultu­ral Developmen­t Associatio­n to support other refugees but still has friends and family in Syria.

“The people in Australia … hear about Syria on the news and they cry a bit and that’s it,” she said. “They are still thinking about what to do and while they are still thinking, we are dying. Every day we wait, more children die. Just help them and stop thinking about it.”

The young mum said she missed her home, family and friends in Syria but did not want her little girls, including Mira,

almost two, to grow up there. FREEDOM: Duha with Mira. Picture: Sarah Marshall

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