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Mr Shorten in an electionwi­nning position.

Seats under pressure include Petrie, Capricorni­a, Bonner, Brisbane, Forde, Longman, Dawson and Herbert. But resources will also be thrown at Leichhardt, Dickson and Flynn.

Worrying for Mr Abbott, the Prime Minister is not connecting with Queensland­ers. In the same poll, his personal appeal to voters went backwards – 34 per cent of voters chose Mr Abbott as having the best plan for Queensland, while 40 per cent chose Mr Shorten.

Mr Shorten said there was “no doubt Tony Abbott has forgot Queensland”. “Once his mate Campbell Newman got booted out, Queensland just isn’t a priority for Tony Abbott,” Mr Shorten told The Courier-Mail yesterday.

“Tony Abbott is too distracted by fighting for his own job to care about the issues facing Queensland.”

Queensland ALP state secretary Evan Moorhead said Queensland would be a key battlegrou­nd for the federal election.

“January’s state election shows that Queensland­ers are prepared to kick out a first-term leader breaking election promises,” Mr Moorhead said. “Tony Ab- bott was a contributi­ng factor to the LNP’s loss in the Queensland state election, with Labor reclaiming seats up and down the coast. These are the same communitie­s that can change the result of the federal election.

“Labor has hundreds and thousands of volunteers out in the street every weekend, contributi­ng to our army of grassroots campaigner­s.”

LNP state director Lincoln Folo agreed Queensland would play a major role in determinin­g the outcome of the federal election.

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