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Kids running wild a tragedy


THE law and order problems plaguing Mount Isa should be a wake-up call for all Queensland­ers. That kids aged six, seven and eight are roaming the streets late at night getting up to very real mischief because – as Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady explains – they do not feel safe at home is a tragedy.

Police Commission­er Ian Stewart should be given credit for his sensitive approach to the challenges facing the town, which he visited after The Courier-Mail’s graphic coverage of the issue in Monday’s newspaper – coverage that featured Luke Marsden’s dramatic front page image of a group of young kids out alone being spoken to by police at 9.30 on a Saturday night.

As Mr Stewart correctly points out, simply making arrests will not fix the problem. The challenge – and it is a big one – will be to address the underlying causes of these problems: parents who are, for whatever reason, failing in their responsibi­lity to provide a safe environmen­t for their kids.

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