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They’d never been introduced before, but when Melina Vidler and Benson Jack Anthony (above) met at the call back auditions for 800 Words, they instantly hit it off.

“I’d seen Benson before in the same auditions and remembered him because he’s obviously quite distinct with this red hair and freckles and beauty,” recalls Vidler.

“We met and said ‘hello’ as we were waiting to go in and ran our lines once and that went fine,” adds Jack Anthony.

“Then I got called in to do a line with Erik Thomson and Melina walked in and we all immediatel­y connected. It flowed and went nicely and we both walked out and went, “That was fun, hopefully I’ll see you — bye!”

The chemistry between Vidler and Jack Anthony was obvious to the show’s producers as well, so it seems like fate they were cast in the roles of siblings Shay and Arlo Turner.

The duo spent months preparing for and filming the show both in Australia and New Zealand and say a similar sense of humour and a shared joy for the job saw their bond grow even closer.

“We spend a lot of time together so we get on each other’s nerves as well,” jokes Vidler. 800 WORDS, CHANNEL 7, TUESDAY, 8.30PM

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