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4.30 Think Survivor. Meets Saw. Meets that new trend for experienti­al thingies. With a host straight out of 1985. Yes please! Two teams are tied up in identical rooms. If they can use logic to escape, there’s $25,000 waiting outside the door. But once 20 minutes pass, the prize drops by $500 per minute. One guy lists his job as “Amateur MacGuyver”. Predictabl­y, he’s very bad at this.


(PGl, CC) Hosted by Osher Günsberg.

(Mav, R, CC) The State Department is placed on lockdown when a deranged gunman is spotted outside the building.

(Mav, R, CC) Elizabeth, Henry and Isabelle work together to find Vincent Marsh’s secret bank account. 10.30 Hawaii Five- 0. (Mvs, CC) 11.30 The Project. (R, CC) 12.30 The Talk. (PGs, CC) 1.30 Home Shopping. (R) 4.00 Life Today With James

Robison. 4.30 CBS This Morning.

WorldWatch. Al Jazeera English News. Italian News. Filipino News. French News. Greek News. German News. Soccer. (CC) World Cup 2018 Qualifier. Tajikistan v Australia. Replay. Dateline. France 24. Journal.

PBS News. Al Jazeera. Insight. 360’ Geo Reports. (PG) (Final) Cycling. (CC) La Vuelta a Espana. Stage 1-16. Highlights. 6.00 Nigella Feasts. 6.30 World News. 7.30 Treasures Of Ancient Greece: The Classical Revolution. 8.40 24 Hours In Police Custody: The Crime Of The Century. (Mal, CC) Provides an insight into English policing. 9.40 Bosch. (Mal, CC) 10.35 World News. (CC) 11.05 Are Our Planes Safe? (PG, R, CC) 12.05 Cycling. (CC) La Vuelta a Espana. Stage 17. Burgos to Burgos. 38.7km individual time trial.


MEnt. Tonight. (PG, R, CC) Huey. (R, CC) Ben’s Menu. (R, CC)

Bold. (R, CC) Family Feud. (R, CC) Studio 10. (PG, CC) The Bachelor Aust. (PG, R, CC) Dr Phil. (PGadl, R, CC) Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals. (R, CC) Ent. Tonight. (PG, CC) The Doctors. (PG, R, CC) Judge Judy. (PG, CC) GCBC. (R, CC) Ben’s Menu. (CC) Bold. (CC) Eyewitness News. (CC)

4.05 The Dark Charisma Of Adolf

Hitler. 5.00 Korean News. 5.35 Japanese News.

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