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1 As at 2015, how many times has Georgie Parker won the Gold Logie? 2 Barack Obama became US President in what year? 3 The Bulleen Boomers play which sport? 4 Which 15th/16th century explorer is credited with being the first European to reach India by sea? 5 Bearbrass, Bareheep and Bareberp were some of the interim names of which major Australian city? 6 The ozone layer is located within which other layer of the Earth’s atmosphere? 7 Who wrote the 1889 poem Crossing the Bar? 8 Which celebrity chef hosts the TV series Alive and Cooking? 9 True or false: the Chernobyl Disaster occurred in 1982? 10 Which car manufactur­er makes the e-tron series of electric and hybrid concept cars? 11 Which Australian played in the final rubber against Kazakhstan in the quarterfin­als of the 2015 Davis Cup tournament? 12 The Açaí palm is native to which continent?

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