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1 Point to the con­verted lord of our planet 4 In­dis­creet sec­ond class skin erup­tion 7 Song and dance, and all that jazz! 9 A full stop goes over the eye they say 10 Run­ning back forces Ro­mans into an early com­mu­ni­ca­tions sys­tem 12 Pull apart to take out army head­quar­ters 13 Ta­per off and go on and on 15 Turn on a top se­cret hooter? 17 A ba­sic es­sen­tial be­fore lunch in duck 19 Some din­ner at the pub 21 Sound con­ve­nient ves­sels for pot­tery, ta­pes­try and the like 22 In­ter­rupt bag­pipe evenings and rub up the wrong way 23 We turn around to fin­ish early when ill-na­tured


1 Tech­nique of an op­er­a­tive boat 2 Roar about a comic sleep­ing in­di­ca­tor for a sharp-edged in­stru­ment 3 One who prac­tises on pear pieces is a clothier 4 Be com­mer­cial for a small pearl per­haps 5 To weaken a cricket club is be­side the point 6 In a pre­car­i­ous man­ner – and with dif­fi­culty 8 A pole ran into tem­po­rary in­puts 11 Shell out to the bookie at the fin­ish 14 Gold rust de­bris. Bull! 16 Sub­se­quently an of­fence against the church 18 De­rive by rea­son­ing from finer seg­ments 20 Fig­ure in the north east



1 The earth 4 Im­per­ti­nent 7 Showy ac­tiv­ity 9 A speck 10 Code 12 Rip 13 Chatter 15 Nuz­zle 17 Pro­tein acid 19 Tav­ern 21 Man­ual skills 22 Bother 23 Un­civil


1 Ex­per­tise 2 Shav­ing in­stru­ment 3 Cloth­ing dealer 4 Dro­plet 5 Lessen 6 Dan­ger­ously 8 Carved sym­bolic post 11 Pay out money 14 Sign of the zo­diac 16 Be­fore now 18 Im­ply 20 IX

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