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IS BARN­ABY Joyce re­ally ex­pect­ing us to be­lieve that his re­la­tion­ship with Vikki Cam­pion was all due to not al­low­ing spouses to be staffers ( C-M, Dec 7)?

What about all the other par­lia­men­tar­i­ans whose marriages/part­ner­ships have sur­vived this em­bargo? Roseanne Sch­nei­der, Toowoomba

SORRY Barn­aby, you do not have my sup­port to again in­sti­tu­tion­alise nepo­tism.

Al­ready your “en­ti­tle­ments” in­clude a plethora of perks for your spouse. If any pub­lic ser­vice de­part­ment or pri­vate in­dus­try em­ployed fam­ily mem­bers without due process there would be a hue and cry.

It is enough to en­sure that reg­u­lar milk­ing of the pub­lic purse by par­lia­men­tar­i­ans is reme­died, do not add fam­ily mem­bers and mul­ti­ply the prob­lem.

I won­der what any trans­port driver, pi­lot, fly-in-fly-out worker thinks about Barn­aby claim­ing he has a spe­cial sort of job that re­quires spe­cial treat­ment? David Ire­land, Bli Bli

OH BOO hoo Barn­aby. There are a lot of pro­fes­sions that cause cou­ples to be sep­a­rated for long pe­ri­ods of time.

Min­ers, truck driv­ers, en­gi­neers and project man­agers. And, of course not least, the men and women of the armed forces. Most of these pro­fes­sions earn less than a politi­cian and none that I know of ac­tively en­cour­age spouses to come to work to im­prove ef­fi­ciency.

“Oh yes, we’d love to have your hus­band with us in Iraq, even though he brings no dis­cernible tal­ents or train­ing to pre­pare him for com­bat ... but no, please bring him along, it will be a laugh.” Please!

There are def­i­nitely re­la­tion­ships that dis­in­te­grate be­cause of dis­tance and time apart and, as such, this is hardly a Robin­son Cru­soe predica­ment for our politi­cians. How­ever a great many re­la­tion­ships stand the strain, pos­si­bly be­cause the ring on their fin­ger is more im­por­tant than any­thing and any­one and both par­ties know that and trust that.

So Barn­aby, please don’t make your own fail­ings as a man out to any more or any less than your own fail­ings. You goose! Shani Doig, Coor­pa­roo

I DIS­AGREE strongly with the stance taken by the ex­prime min­is­ter and exNa­tional Party leader Barn­aby Joyce call­ing for an end to the ban on spouses work­ing for par­lia­men­tar­i­ans.

What does Joyce want next: pol­lies’ work­ing-age kids work­ing in their MP fa­ther/ mother’s of­fice too? Eric Palm, Gympie

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