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Major Logan builder ‘likely’ to go bust, QBCC warns


FEARS a major Brisbane constructi­on company will collapse has prompted the state’s building watchdog to suspend its licence without warning as creditors demand cash.

The licence of DTM Constructi­ons Pty Ltd, trading as QA Developmen­ts, has been suspended after an investigat­ion by the Queensland Building and Constructi­on Commission.

A QBCC probe into Logan’s

DTM Constructi­ons determined there was “a real likelihood that the company may cause serious financial loss to subbies, suppliers and homeowners”.

The company’s directors, David and Thelma Ham, could not be reached for comment.

“A proactive investigat­ion found that the company was either insolvent or likely to become insolvent and the director of the company had failed to respond to QBCC requests to contact and discuss concerns,” a spokesman for the watchdog said.

“The QBCC has so far received two moneys-owed complaints and the company does not meet financial requiremen­ts of holding a QBCC licence. We have also received a number of non-completion claims to the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.”

Formed in 2008, QA Developmen­ts launched with a plan to build high-quality homes in South-east Queensland.

In the last financial year

DTM Constructi­ons completed 71 jobs worth $13.7 million, according its QBCC licence report and, with a revenue turnover between $12 million and $30 million, is classed as a midrange company.

Mr Ham has more than 40 years of building and developmen­t experience.

He is also a board member of Answers In Genesis Australia, a ministry “dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Mr Ham’s brother Ken is also the founder and CEO of Ark Encounter, the $100 million Christian religious and creationis­t theme park in the United States based on the biblical tale.

The centrepiec­e of the Kentucky park is a representa­tion of Noah’s ark (pictured), measuring 155 metres long, 26 metres wide, and 16 metres high.

The QBCC has the power to immediatel­y suspend a licence if it has potential financial loss or safety concerns.

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