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Premier dodges ‘private’ questions


ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk has again refused to reveal whether she used her private email addresses for work, amid sensationa­l revelation­s she had a second account.

The Premier (inset) is under pressure to release the emails after the state’s corruption watchdog revealed she used her address to reply to Minister Mark Bailey. But it’s not known whether the pair discussed government business.

It came as Crime and Corruption Commission boss Alan MacSporran yesterday contradict­ed Ms Palaszczuk, saying it could be argued an email sent from Mr Bailey’s personal account in 2015, discussing Paul Simshauser before his appointmen­t as a director-general, to the Premier’s other private address, had a “component of government business”.

The Premier this week said she didn’t believe the 2015 email, which she did not reply to, was work-related.

The use of Ms Palaszczuk’s private email erupted in parliament again this week where she refused to say whether she’d used her account for official purposes.

“Let me say categorica­lly that the emails in question have been through the RTI process and they have been retained,” she said.

Mr MacSporran said none of the emails revealed “any nefarious so called corrupt purpose”, but he said the use of personal emails, unless used for completely private reasons, was a corruption risk.

The RTI office at the Department of Premier and Cabinet recently deemed the 2015 email to relate to a “party-political matter” rather than the affairs of an agency, and therefore couldn’t be released.

But Mr MacSporran yesterday said: “You could argue it has a component of government business.”

The CCC forwarded four emails, which were sent between the private accounts of Mr Bailey and the Premier, to the DPC to determine if they were public records.

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