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Miles crowdfunds $30m hotel bill


A TONGUE-in-cheek crowdfundi­ng campaign to cover the cost of Queensland’s $30m hotel quarantine bill has inflamed an interstate battle with NSW.

The two states have spent this week trading barbs after NSW billed Queensland for hosting more than 7000 residents in its hotel quarantine system.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles said some Queensland­ers had been in contact offering to “pay their share of the $30,000,000 bill NSW have sent us for their hotel quarantine”.

“If we were to split the bill it would be $5.84 for each and every Queensland­er,” he wrote.

The Deputy Premier, who was slapped down by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklia­n for filming himself tearing up the invoice, facetiousl­y suggested Queensland­ers transfer $5.84 into the NSW Treasury account.

“Once you have, please send a payment receipt to the NSW Treasurer … and ask him to subtract it from Queensland’s tab.”

Ms Berejiklia­n described Mr Miles’ video as a stunt that disrespect­ed frontline workers.

“All I say to other states is, everyone has their day in the sun … sending pot shots to other premiers and whatever else. But we’re talking about people working their guts out to keep us safe ... just pay us what you owe us.”

 ??  ?? Steven Miles.
Steven Miles.

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