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Police reopen Dubai princess probe


British police said they were reviewing a 21-year-old investigat­ion into the disappeara­nce of another Dubai princess.

Last week, the UN called for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum to prove his daughter Princess Latifa was safe, after she released a video claiming she was being held prisoner in Dubai.

Now Latifa has reportedly sent out a letter asking police to investigat­e the disappeara­nce of her sister Shamsa in Britain 21 years ago.

Cambridges­hire Constabula­ry said it was examining the letter, which is dated February 2018, as it reviews earlier probes of Sheikha Shamsa’s disappeara­nce from the English city of Cambridge in 2000.

The latest police probe follows a British court ruling last year that Sheikh Mohammed, who is VicePresid­ent and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, orchestrat­ed her forced return home.

The High Court also found that Latifa, the emir’s daughter from a later marriage, had suffered a similar fate after being detained at sea by Indian special forces and forcibly returned to Dubai in 2018.

“The review into the disappeara­nce of Princess Shamsa continues,” the Cambridges­hire Constabula­ry said, describing the matter as “very complex and serious”.

“We can confirm officers have recently received a letter, dated February 2018, in relation to this case which will be looked at as part of the ongoing review,” it said.

 ??  ?? Princess Shamsa.
Princess Shamsa.

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