The Courier-Mail

Sewers flush with peculiarit­ies


ONLY pee, poo and toilet paper should go down loos but residents haven’t complied.

A CCTV-equipped buggy uncovered some peculiar objects when it was sent undergroun­d as part of Mackay Regional Council’s project to replace the lining of sewer and stormwater mains. “There have been toy cars, screwdrive­rs, constructi­on materials, cutlery and medicine packets to name a few,’’ Mayor Greg Williamson said. “They should not be in our sewers as they can cause blockages. And despite popular belief, there were no rats found in Mackay’s sewers that ranged from 15-90cm in diameter. But there (was) the occasional green tree frog.

“Tree roots penetratin­g the sewer at the joints of the mains is a common defect and can cause blockages.

“In residentia­l areas it is not uncommon to find holes in the top of the sewer mains, likely from residentia­l constructi­on, which allow water and soil to enter the sewer system.”

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