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Squabbling between states becoming very costly


DEPUTY Premier Steven Miles has proved again by his childish behaviour how lazy this state government is.

In his fiery speech in Parliament on Thursday, he said that Queensland has not yet sent NSW a bill for the 7112 NSW residents who quarantine­d in Queensland (C-M, Feb 26). Why not?

The NSW Treasurer says that at a meeting of the various state treasurers it was agreed “costs would be reconciled between states and shared according to the residency of persons”.

He also stated that if Queensland would send them a bill he would happily pay it.

It would appear that Miles (pictured) has not had a word with the Queensland Treasurer, or was happy to make the fiery speech and not quite tell all the truth.

Tony Miles, Chermside

I HAVE to admit to being among the one-third of Brisbane residents less than enthusiast­ic about hosting the 2032 Olympics.

All this outpouring of passion has come at a time when Steven Miles has joined Annastacia Palaszczuk in that fast-growing sport gripping the Queensland government – NSW bashing. This time over who pays what for hotel quarantini­ng.

This feud between Queensland and NSW has got to the point that the NSW Treasurer is now urging NSW holidaymak­ers to boycott Queensland in favour of Adelaide or Hobart.

Assuming the Queensland government will now have the audacity to expect NSW to support their bid to host the Olympics, heaven knows how the NSW government will react.

Although based in Brisbane, if the bid is successful, the host nation would of course be Australia.

Surely the IOC must be taking note that Australia is at present a bitterly divided nation, riddled with the pettiness of the various states competing against other at the expense of a national campaign to deal with a pandemic.

If Queensland is unable to get along with its nearest neighbour, NSW, how can it be expected to embrace athletes from around the globe? Palaszczuk and Miles have picked a particular­ly stupid time to escalate their xenophobia by feuding with NSW.

And if COVID-19 is anything to go by, I dread to think what state the nation will be in by 2032.

Australia is bitterly divided by overtly parochial, power-hungry state government­s already. And if the current feuding between the states is anything to go by, imagine how many other squabbles with various other nations resulting in them boycotting the Games could Australia engage in between now and 2032?

“Love thy neighbour” used to work for most Australian­s. It’s a pity our state government­s have chosen to abandon this once endearing concept.

Crispin Walters, Chapel Hill

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