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Policing the Parliament


I HAVE a real concern where the investigat­ions into sexual offence allegation­s at Parliament House will end up and whether a satisfacto­ry outcome will be achieved and change implemente­d, or whether it will end up as a “cover up”.

It seems childish to me that the AFP Commission­er has to lay down the law to the PM, MPs, senators and senior public servants on how to act if they are involved as a bystander, or have knowledge of such matters and never disclose them to their political masters or any police authority who may have jurisdicti­on within the walls of the parliament­ary precinct (C-M, Feb 26).

What happens in Parliament House usually stays in Parliament House, as it is virtually a no-go zone for law enforcemen­t, due to the power that exudes from the place.

The Parliament­ary Services Branch is headed jointly by the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate.

Will those two senior politician­s be asked questions about how, when, where and why they did not, or could not take action as the incident happened under their watch?

I know the knives and swords are out now but there is a lot more to be disclosed on this affair.

Les Bryant, Durack

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