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Will you be making a special effort to attend an Anzac Day ceremony?


MICHAEL: I intend to make a special effort, but on past Anzac Day mornings I have woken early only to find, as the saying goes, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’’. It is hard to get out at 3.30am to get to a dawn service but I will give it a go. I have attended probably about 20 of them in my life, but I have to admit I was working as a journalist at most of those. They are really about gratitude, and they are an important part of Australian life. HAYDEN: Forget concerts, festivals and sporting events – the biggest victim of the 2020 pandemic was Anzac Day. Many Diggers, each year thinning in numbers, use Anzac Day as a social and reflective occasion and the cancellati­on of last year’s services was devastatin­g. It’s the right decision to hold services this year. I’ll be at a dawn event, and I hope it’s the largest in history.


Absolutely. Heading to Anzac Square for the dawn service is such an emotional and grounding experience, and it’s terrific to know we can gather again this year. Anzac Day holds such a special place on our calendar, and with the doom and gloom of the past 12 months it will give the state an opportunit­y to come together and commemorat­e.

VERDICT: It’s back this year and we should all play our part. Lest we forget

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