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Is Tiger Woods’ career over after his accident, or will he roar again?


HAYDEN: You’d be a brave person to write-off Tiger. For several years he was considered a “has-been” after a personal breakdown that involved drink-driving, sex scandals and injuries, only to return with a landmark 2019 victory at the US Masters.

He’s the greatest of all time, instilling inspiratio­n on millions of amateur golfers – myself included – to believe they can shoot through the trees and hit the green. I quickly realised I’m not Tiger Woods – but he is.

MICHAEL: Tiger seems to have nine lives. He has been in a few scrapes, and I think he has the capacity to overcome these serious injuries which, I think, include two broken legs. He has evolved from a sort of youthful boy wonder in the public perception to almost a sort of elder statesman of his game. I think golf is a more forgiving game for the man or woman who is getting on in years, so I hope he comes back bigger and better.

STEPHANIE: It’s hard to believe after the rollercoas­ter life he has led so far, but I think this will mark the end of his playing days for good.

Unless he can land a guest spot with Joe Exotic on series two of Tiger King, I’d say Tiger will be out of the limelight for a while.

VERDICT: Broken legs or not, Tiger still has a little left in the tank.

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