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Excuse is a bridge too far


A YOUNG mum who tried to claim her speedomete­r was faulty has been told in court that “no one in their right mind” could do 130km/h over the Gateway Bridge and not realise they were speeding.

Wynnum Magistrate­s Court yesterday heard former finance worker Maria Kayla Kostopoulo­s, 28, was pulled over by police at about 11.55am on July 2 when she was clocked at 130km/h in the 80km/h zone. Having crossed the bridge to the south, Kostopoulo­s (inset) – who had a history of f speeding – initially attempted to argue her speedomete­r was faulty, but abandoned proceeding­s before pleading guilty yesterday.

“No person in their right mind can say that was an honest mistake,” police prosecutor Senior Constable Duncan Blackburn told the court.

“This was a very fast speeding. It appears fines are not curbing her behaviour.”

Magistrate Athol Kennedy said even if Kostopoulo­s was driving without a speedomete­r in the 80km/h zone, she would have left motorists speeding at 100km/h in her wake at 130km/h.

Kostopoulo­s was fined $1245 and disqualifi­ed from driving for six months.

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