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Overseas trips off until 2024


THE full return of overseas travel won’t happen for another three years

Deloitte Access Economics’ latest quarterly business outlook predicts internatio­nal travel won’t fully return until 2024, as internatio­nal borders open slowly until then.

On top of that, Deloitte said quarantine for arrivals would likely remain in some form for years, as efforts continue to stop the virus being imported back into the country.

Deloitte economist Chris Richardson said that would have a bearing on overseas travel getting back to what it was pre-COVID.

“That keeps internatio­nal travel, both inbound and outbound, pretty weak in 2022, and it may not return to prepandemi­c levels until 2024,” he said.

The forecast was prepared prior to the vaccine rollout setback last week, which could further dampen expectatio­ns.

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