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Prince to go out in cardboard eco-coffin


PRINCE Philip is expected to be interred at the Royal Burial Ground in an eco-friendly coffin made of wool as part of the longstandi­ng environmen­talist’s wishes and a growing trend in green funerals.

Buckingham Palace is looking into using a custom-made $1600 casket for the Duke, according to The Sun.

Sustainabl­e textile manufactur­er AW Hainsworth produces the coffins which are made from wool and reinforced with cardboard, lined with cotton and are 100 per cent biodegrada­ble.

Sales director Rachel Hainsworth told The Sun the Prince “liked the fact the coffins are environmen­tally friendly, but also the fact that by using British wool we are supporting Britain’s farmers”.

Anne Astorino, director of Australian eco-coffin manufactur­er Ethical Caskets said the Prince was making a statement about climate change.

“I’m very pleased to hear of that especially because people often think of sustainabl­e as being of lesser value … this might change that,” she said.

The coffin, which will be draped in his own personal standard, a wreath and his naval sword and cap, will be interred in the Royal Vault.

“If the coffin is going into a vault then because there isn’t dirt and soil to break it down, it may not break down at all. The Prince is really making a statement here,” Ms Astorino said.

Prince Philip’s decision comes as part of a growing shift towards eco-friendly funeral ceremonies.

“There’s more awareness about them then there has ever been particular­ly in recent months,” she said.

Asha Dooley, general manager of Grace Funerals says eco-friendly funeral alternativ­es have become increasing­ly common as people become more concerned about the impact of climate change.

“We’ve certainly seen a trend from the press and in documentar­ies towards green funerals.”

Prince Philip was an environmen­tal advocate and among the first to highlight climate change in the 1950s.

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