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Court gags bail report

Teen stab death media ban


A TEENAGER charged in connection to the alleged murder of 16-year-old Yannis Leulusoo in Brisbane’s CBD has been granted bail, but the public has been barred from knowing the reasons why.

The Woodcrest State College student was fatally stabbed on Thursday night in Emma Miller Park before stumbling to King George Square, with shocked commuters looking on the next day as cleaners mopped up blood-soaked footpaths.

Two teenagers appeared in Brisbane Magistrate­s Court yesterday including a 16-year-old from Mango Hill charged with murder, and a 17-year-old from Wooloowin charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder. Neither can be named for legal reasons.

The 17-year-old applied for bail, but an applicatio­n by several media organisati­ons to report on the proceeding­s was refused by Acting Magistrate Leanne Scoines who said it would be “too prejudicia­l”.

“I am cognisant of the particular­ly volatile atmosphere surroundin­g this matter,” she said. “I do think that given other dynamics within particular sections of the community relating to the defendant and his co-accused that it would be particular­ly prejudicia­l to allow the media to sit in.”

The 17-year-old boy was seen walking out of court later yesterday.

Under Queensland legislatio­n, media can be allowed by a magistrate to cover closed court matters if the court decides their presence will not be prejudicia­l to the interests of the child. Lawyer Emily O’Hagan, representi­ng the teen charged with murder, said media coverage could put the safety of her 16year-old client and his family at risk. Ms O’Hagan said the boy’s father had received multiple calls from members of the public.

“He holds some very grave concerns in respect to ... his personal safety and those concerns are also shared by, as I understand it, the police in relation to my clients personal safety,” she said.

Queensland­ers were also kept in the dark about the case of a teenager charged over the heartbreak­ing deaths of Kate Leadbetter, Matt Field and their unborn child Miles who were struck and killed while walking their dog at Alexandra Hills.

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