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Oh darling, this is heavenly,” sighed La Contessa, stepping onto the balcony of their hotel. “Just what we needed.” “I couldn’t agree more,” said Nick, with two freshly made martinis in hand. “Especially after the flight.”

“No silly, this,” said La Contessa pointing at the sparkling sea. “And the government flight subsidy means we are helping the economy too.”

“Absolutely my Bari bargain hunter,” said Nick. “Except the deal starts in May. Still this is just the ticket after unmasking ‘Lady’ Arabella Saunders sordid shenanigan­s.”

A knock on the door sent Baxter off the bed and barking furiously. La Contessa sighed and opened it.

“Welcome to Stairwells on the

Surf,” said a grey-haired man in purple waistcoat and black bow tie. “May I speak to Mr Moore the detective?”

“Absolutely,” said Nick, wandering in. “Shouldn’t you be holding an ice bucket with a bottle of Pol Roger?”

“Indeed, sir. However the manager has requested your presence by the pool,” he said.

“Cocktails?” asked La Contessa. “I am afraid someone has been found in the pool, madam.”

“Isn’t that rather the point of having a pool?” asked La Contessa.

“The lady in question is fully clothed,” he replied.

“I’m sure we have all done that a few times in our life,” said La Contessa. “Gioia di vivere.”

“Quite the opposite I am afraid,” he said. “She appears to be dead.”

“Now that’s what I call a holiday,” said La Contessa.

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