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Last December’s Great Conjunctio­n occurred closer to Earth than at any point since 1623. But some people suggest 1226 was a more accurate reference because, due to the sun’s position, its later arrival may not have been visible. How important is it to actually see these things? Yours, Caroline ... Dear Caroline, Do we feel the new moon’s effects? What about Pluto’s? Neither are visible to the naked eye, but they’re linked strongly today. Together, they allow hidden issues. Seeing may be believing… but feeling matters too! Yours, Oscar


No matter their beliefs, wise people across the ages all seem to agree on one key point. Rather than reflecting on the past, or contemplat­ing the future, we need to be living in the “moment”. No one ever says “seize the day after tomorrow”. Hard though it is to live in this way, of course, they’re all right. In the light of the new moon, in your sign, if you want to do the right thing today, try your best to follow this advice. By focusing on the here and now, you’ll find a clear path towards a much brighter tomorrow. Ready now... completely free audio and video forecasts.

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There’s a lot to be said for being fussy. If we aren’t picky, or if we don’t differenti­ate, or fail to keep an eye on standards, who knows how far down the slippery slope we might slide? We might end up at the very bottom of the pile where all the things that make us feel different and special would have no relevance. Yet, it’s worth pointing out that, in the process of letting go of all that comparing, we might experience a wonderful sense of freedom and relief. You can keep your desire to control under control today. A brilliant offer… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to


When we learn from our past mistakes, history isn’t destined to repeat itself. When we’re brave enough to face up to the facts, own up to errors of judgment, and recognise what went wrong and why, it becomes possible to venture into uncharted territory. Progress is usually prevented by a refusal to shoulder blame or the determinat­ion to lay it on someone else. Even if it’s not easy to start a conversati­on about a difficult issue, as long as you’re willing to keep trying, a challengin­g situation can be improved. Oscar’s gift… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to


What arrogance to believe that the cosmos cares about us? Aren’t we little more than dinghies tossed in the ocean of eternal change, capricious­ness and chaos? Doesn’t the story of humanity evidence little more than fragility and adaptabili­ty? Although much of the past year might have seemed that way, it’s important not to lose sight of the reason we’re here. We’ve been delicately, lovingly crafted with great tenderness and care. That same cosmologic­al force is eager and ready to support you today. An amazing service… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to


Who’s the author of your story? Which scriptwrit­er is in charge? Is a team of angelic production managers meeting to plot and determine the twists and turns of the saga you’re embroiled in? Recent events have left you feeling stressed and out of control. But, as a sensitive situation once more rears its awkward head, you’ll be amazed (and, I imagine, a little relieved) to see just how much of a difference you’re able to make. You write your own script. Don’t be afraid to take back the pen today. Unmissable gift… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to


Not everyone thinks that faith can move mountains. Anyone involved in tunnel building, who’s mid-way through excavating the way through a mountain, wouldn’t agree. Nor would the spirituall­y evolved people who live in the foothills of the Himalayas… their temples and monasterie­s aren’t mysterious­ly relocated. So perhaps faith only moves certain kinds of mountain, at certain times. Yet, in the aftermath of the new moon, with faith (and realism) you can get past any mountain-sized obstacles today. There’s more… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to


It’s easy to turn a simple situation into a complicate­d maze of difficulty. We can also achieve this unwanted result when we’re too cautious. Too careful. When we worry more than we need to. When we allow our concerns to knock our conviction­s. When our appetite and need to be reassured becomes so insatiable that we overlook what’s under our nose. When we have so many opinions that everything gets confused. Before you decide what you need to do today, take a careful look at what you’ve already got. Especially for you… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to


How do high-flying types do it? Are they immune to the stresses and fears, the anxieties and struggles of other mere mortals? Do they secretly work straight through the night, without ever tiring? Are they surrounded by a protective bubble that repels distractio­ns, procrastin­ation and interferen­ce? If so, surely we can create the same device? All we have to do is focus on realistic goals, and deflect the tensions that so often derail and distract us. If you can do that, success can be yours today. Right here, right now… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to


Can we categorica­lly assume that the sun will rise in Politician­s always say the same thing; if we’ll vote What is it, which invisible force, Which invisible force They say that time and tide wait for no man or the East and set in the West tomorrow? We might them into power, they’ll instigate the changes we inspires blades of grass to burst from seeds and grow woman. It marches on inexorably, ticking away, think so. But suppose an officious new astrophysi­cal want to see. It’s ironic, that the one thing that never towards the sun? What moves your lungs so that they minute by minute, and dragging any missed department has been establishe­d which requires a changes is that their opponents always oppose inspire oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide without opportunit­ies irrecovera­bly down into its watery complicate­d form to be filled in before it allows the these changes, and are critical of any that have been you even noticing? It’s easy to overlook and depths, never to be seen again. But isn’t that just a sun to travel its customary path? And what if the sun instigated. What kind of change do you want to see underestim­ate the spark of life that lies at the heart of bit miserable? Time might move consistent­ly, but has failed to renew its travel permit? Or is battling a in your world? And who do you think’s most likely to existence. It drives all our forces and functions. Without that doesn’t make it cruel. Don’t they also say that legal challenge for inflicting sunstroke on an deliver it? In the legacy of the new moon, your inner it, we wouldn’t be here. It beats in your heart and time’s a great healer? We learn to understand why unsuspecti­ng individual? Yet, the chances are that critic can be disempower­ed. It’s time to put all your resonates with all the positive activities happening we made the decisions we made…and that they everything will be fine – and so will you. Don’t miss support behind the person you see in the mirror. around you. Trust in that, and let it guide you to a good were right for us. Don’t mourn something that may out… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to Discover the inner you… completely free audio and outcome today. Try this out… completely free audio not be lost. Our gift to you… completely free audio video forecasts. Go to and video forecasts. Go to and video forecasts. Go to

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