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Prosecutor may testify against her boyfriend



THE Crown Prosecutor girlfriend of a criminal defence lawyer who has confessed to laundering his criminal clients’ dirty cash at a prominent Gold Coast law firm, could be called as a witness against him, a court has heard.

Prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence was yesterday revealed to be the partner of former Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahi­ed (MMA) solicitor Shaune Irving, 38, who is facing 23 charges, including 10 counts of fraud, two counts of money laundering, four counts of supplying a dangerous drug and seven other charges, including perjury for allegedly giving false evidence to a secretive Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) hearing into law firm principal Campbell MacCallum in January last year, and making false verified statements to police.

Irving is alleged to have accepted a cash payment from Ben Alexander Townson, an alleged Comanchero associate, at his office, with

Irving allegedly secretly recorded saying he had $37,000 in his car. Irving has also told police the names of his other former MMA clients who paid him in dirty cash, Irving’s barrister Damian Walsh told the court.

“He has confessed what he did in respect to receiving those monies,” Mr Walsh told the court.

Mr Walsh made the comments when Irving appeared in Brisbane Magistrate­s Court Tuesday where he was committed to stand trial on seven counts of perjury and making false statements to police.

He has not entered a plea. Strict bail conditions banning Irving from any contact with Ms Lawrence, as a potential witness against him, were continued after Prosecutor Tegan Little told Deputy Chief Magistrate Janelle Brassingto­n that she was concerned Irving may try to influence or manipulate Ms Lawrence’s testimony in the ongoing fraud and money laundering investigat­ion.

The investigat­ing officer in the case, Detective Peter

Roddick states in his affidavit that Irving sent Ms Lawrence a “joking message”, which may be relevant to the money laundering charges, Mr Walsh told the court.

Mr Walsh initially asked Magistrate Brassingto­n to lift the ban on Irving contacting Ms Lawrence “given his admissions (to money laundering) and cooperatio­n with authoritie­s”, arguing Ms Lawrence was “not relevant” to Irving’s money laundering.

But later, after Irving instructed him that it could embarrass Ms Lawrence, Mr Walsh withdrew the applicatio­n to lift the ban.

Mr Walsh told the court police were probing whether Ms Lawrence was at Irving’s One Mile home, near Ipswich, on Boxing Day in 2019 when he was served with an official notice.

Irving has been charged with perjury in relation to allegedly lying about the identity of a person at his home on that date, in relation to a CCC investigat­ion into money laundering and other criminal activity by Mr MacCallum and others.

Mr Walsh submitted that Irving had told police Ms Lawrence was not at his home on Boxing Day in 2019, rather it was his ex-girlfriend and coaccused Lauren Kate Kruger. Ms Kruger appeared in Brisbane Magistrate­s Court on Monday on charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice, perjury and giving a false verified statement. Ms Little told the court that the perjury and making false statement charges on which Irving was on Tuesday committed for trial in the District Court related to allegation­s that Irving influenced and coached Ms Kruger on what to say and what to do both before and during secretive coercive CCC hearings early last year.

Irving has been committed to stand trial on charges of counsellin­g Ms Kruger to give false testimony to the CCC in February and April last year about her knowledge of Irving laundering criminals’ dirty cash by receiving cash payment for legal services from his criminal clients.

Irving was also committed on a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice by tampering with mobile phone data between March and April last year, and on charges of lying three times in verified statements to police when he stated Ms Kruger was driving his MercedesBe­nz when it was booked for speeding in May 2019.

No date has been set for his District Court trial on the perjury and false statement charges.

Ms Lawrence has not yet given a statement to police in relation to Irving’s money laundering and fraud charges but she is involved in ongoing investigat­ions in the matter, Ms Little told the court.

 ??  ?? Criminal defence lawyer Shaune Irving (main picture); and law firm principal Campbell MacCallum (below).
Criminal defence lawyer Shaune Irving (main picture); and law firm principal Campbell MacCallum (below).
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