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DREAMWORLD has begun constructi­on on its newest high-speed rollercoas­ter.

Steel Taipan will be a 1.5km ride with a speed of 105km/h and a g-force of 3.8. The ride will be next to the Buzz Saw at the front of the park.

“Steel Taipan will have the first triple launch system in the Southern Hemisphere, meaning that guests will experience three separate launches through the ride,” a Dreamworld spokespers­on said. The

Steel Taipan is modelled around “the world’s number one model, the award-winning Blue Fire Launch Coaster,” the spokespers­on said.

Containers for the ride began arriving from Germany early 2020, but constructi­on had to pause for six months during the park closure as a result of COVID-19.

The ride will feature a stall and reversed twisted half pipe and is expected to be open to the public in late 2021.

 ??  ?? Constructi­on starts.
Constructi­on starts.

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