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Try to beat The Shark


1. What is the zodiac sign of someone born today, April 14?

2. Prince Charles and Princess Diana married in which year?

3. In which sport did Zoe Goss represent Australia?

4. Which critic co-hosted The Movie Show with David Stratton? 5. Which US president had solar panels installed on the White House in the 1970s?

6. Author Johanna Spyri wrote what classic children’s book about a young Swiss girl?

7. Historical­ly, what was the term for a person who made arrows?

8. TV’s Murphy Brown famously became a single mother when she gave birth to a boy with what name: Avery, Robert, or Adam?

9. Under what pseudonym does

Australian author Jennifer Rowe write children’s novels?

10. What gemstone is the gift for a 40th wedding anniversar­y?

11. Famous for its floral print fabrics, Liberty is a luxury department store in which world city?

12. The name of what colour is also the title of a Coldplay hit song?

13. Audrey Tautou played the title role in what popular French film of 2001?

14. What nursery rhyme ends with “one step, two step, tickle you under there!”

15. Which famous architect designed the Guggenheim

Museum in New York?

16. Michael Gudinski founded what Australian record label in 1972?

17. Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland is a retired player of what sport?

18. Which boy band had a ’90s hit with Keep On Movin’?

19. Which Australian actor made the documentar­y film 2040, which examines how the world could look in 2040 if existing climate change solutions are put into place?


A traditiona­l non-coconut recipe for Anzac biscuits published by the Australian War Memorial includes boiling water, bicarbonat­e soda, and what other five ingredient­s? syrup golden butter, flour, plain sugar, oats, Rolled 20. Gameau Damon 19. Five 18. Tennis 17. Mushroom 16. Wright Lloyd Frank 15. Garden the Round and Round 14. Amelie 13. Yellow 12. London 11. Ruby 10. Rodda Emily 9. Avery 8. Fletcher 7. Heidi 6. Carter Jimmy 5. Pomeranz Margaret 4. Cricket 3. 1981 2. Aries 1. Answers:

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