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SHAME on Magda Szubanski for her personal, vindictive attack on social media targeting the Prime Minister’s wife Jenny Morrison (C-M, Apr 13).

Her nasty and hurtful comments epitomise all that is wrong about the implementa­tion of social media to hurl vitriol with impunity.

Jenny Morrison is unelected and has been elevated into a position of prominence due to her marriage to a politician.

From all accounts she is fulfilling her dual roles as First Lady and mother to the very best of her ability.

Encouragem­ent and support from the Australian people should be proffered instead of personal and unseemly attacks from a media personalit­y.

Lyn Fryer, Ferny Hills

MAGDA Szubanski has certainly hit a low blow in her hatred of anything to do with the political right in her attack on Jenny Morrison’s attire.

As for her accusing Mrs Morrison of making a so-called white supremacis­t signal, I have never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life.

Carmel Seipel, Mt Gravatt

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