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BRAVO to the clever minds at AnteoTech for developing the COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (C-M, Apr 13), demonstrat­ing yet again that Brisbane is home to world-class expertise.

It’s incredibly satisfying to be reminded that our fair city is capable of such scientific mastery.

Kudos also to the state government for kicking in a healthy $1.4m to help develop and commercial­ise this test.

It’s this kind of innovation that puts Brisbane and Queensland on the map and with the pandemic being such a high-profile issue, AnteoTech is certainly positioned as a world leader of high credibilit­y.

It will be interestin­g to watch as these rapid-testing capabiliti­es change the pandemic landscape, opening the way for travel and other liberties we used to take for granted. Sarosh Mehta, St Lucia

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