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Politicise­d post sends a bad omen

- Valdy Kwitowski, Salisbury

ONCE again the poisoned chalice of Australia Post CEO has become politicise­d with Senator Pauline Hanson blasting the appointmen­t of Paul Graham, just before the start of a Senate inquiry into the resignatio­n of his predecesso­r Christine Holgate (C-M, Apr 13).

Senator Hanson said: “Scott Morrison is attempting to deliberate­ly destabilis­e witnesses ahead of tomorrow’s Senate inquiry.”

The inquiry will look into the gifting of four Cartier watches to senior staff by Holgate who was criticised at the time in federal parliament by Morrison, who said “the chief executive has been instructed to stand aside and, if she doesn’t wish to do that, she can go”.

Holgate (pictured) was appointed CEO after Ahmed Fahour decided not to renew his contract with Australia Post after former PM Malcolm Turnbull commented that he thought $5.6m was too high a salary for that job.

I wish Paul Graham the best of luck with his new appointmen­t because past experience­s have indicated he will need it.

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