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What has Jenny done to deserve this hatred


THE attacks against Australia’s First Lady, Jenny Morrison, are beyond the pale – creepy, sexist and utterly unhinged abuse and lies about a woman whose only crime is being married to the Prime Minister.

That and that alone has earned her an enormous amount of misogynist­ic vitriol over the years particular­ly from the Twitter cesspit. But the ugliness reached new heights in recent days with a picture of Jenny watching on as Scott Morrison signed a condolence book for Prince Philip, sending the feral Left into fits of malignant rage.

There were also pictures of the PM looking on as Jenny signed the condolence book but they were ignored and instead a whole narrative about the First Lady being a submissive housewife living a Handmaid’s Tale existence was developed on social media.

Comic and new host of Nine’s Weakest Link, Magda Szubanski, joined the fun, retweeting a far-Left activist that had posted the picture of Jenny and the PM with this: “Good morning to everyone else to whom this feels creepy, chilling, terrifying, ominous, enraging, despairing and utterly, completely f---ing depressing.”

What? How is that a normal response to a benign picture? To that insanity Szubanski added: “I genuinely thought this was a photoshopp­ed Handmaid’s Tale meme. But no. It’s 21st century Aussie life.”

Szubanski went further, sharing an image zooming in on Jenny’s hand over her daughter’s wrist with the thumb and forefinger touching, “What’s this little hand signal thingy??” she asked her followers.

Now, among the sane population the thumb and forefinger touching is the “OK” symbol but among the loopy Left that Szubanski panders to it is a “white supremacis­t” sign. That foolishnes­s began in 2017 as a joke on online forum 4Chan where users started a hoax to see if they could trick the media into believing the OK sign was a symbol of white supremacy. Some simpletons fell for it, most laughed.

Obviously, the OK sign is not synonymous with white supremacy and any suggestion otherwise is absurd but this is 2021 where people’s paranoid fantasies must be respected and so Jenny Morrison became the target of hideous abuse from those who believe she’s some closet KKK fan. It’s almost funny until you remember these people vote.

If a fraction of the abuse Jenny copped was targeted at a prominent woman from the Left you can be sure that there’d be saturation media coverage, dozens of columns and examinatio­n of the deep-seated hatreds behind the abuse, and the sisterhood would rally around the victim. But conservati­ve women rarely receive that sort of support and protection.

Of course it wasn’t just Szubanski “trolling” the PM’s wife. There were thousands of deranged tweets from slanderous claims to commentary about her intelligen­ce, appearance and character. Most of the output of the tolerant, inclusive and progressiv­e Left is too disgusting to reproduce but here is a sample of what we can publish:

Michelle who lists #marchforwo­men on her Twitter bio wrote: “I have never hated anyone as much as I hate Morrison ... and his bloody wife!!!”

Helen Carter, who lists “feminism”, “social progress” and “support our ABC” on her bio, writes: “Is Jenny not allowed to wear anything nice, ever? She looks like the housekeepi­ng lady”.

Rob Arnol, who no doubt identifies as a male feminist, asked: “Is Jenny not allowed to wear make-up? Because if this is looking your best for a very important occasion, you’ve got problems. A potato sack? God you’d never see Anita Keating look such a mess. Or Therese Rhein (sic), Lucy Turnbull, Hazel Hawke etc.” And this: “She looks more like one of the cleaning staff than wife of the Prime Minister.”

Keen to show their moral superiorit­y, the very same folk who have spent weeks raging against the Morrison government for supposedly failing Australian women were poking fun at a woman’s appearance.

Jenny Morrison is not a politician and she has not, like some US First Ladies, inserted herself in policy debates.

You can hate her husband in any manic fashion you desire but leave her name out of your filthy, bile-filled mouths.

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