Pre­par­ing your pool for sum­mer

With the ar­rival of spring, it’s time to start check­ing that your pool is safe and healthy to swim in this sea­son

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“It also costs less when you know ex­actly the right prod­uct and dosage.”

Rick says the next step is to clear your pool’s equip­ment be­fore you add prod­uct to the water.

“Turn on your pump, if it isn’t al­ready run­ning, and check and clear the fil­ter, skim­mer box and pump to en­sure they’re all work­ing ef­fi­ciently,” he says.

“If the fil­ter car­tridge needs clean­ing, sim­ply wash it with the hose. If you have a di­atoma­ceous earth (D.E.) fil­ter, you m may need to take it apart and clean it thorou thor­oughly with a small brush and water to rem re­move cal­cium de­posits.

“If you have a sand fil­ter, set it to back­wash to flush it out then re­turn it to its nor­mal set­ting.”

Rick says the third step is to add a sani­tiser to kill bac­te­ria and pre­vent the fur­ther growth of al­gae and bac­te­ria.

Next, de­pend­ing on your pool water qu qual­ity, you may need to add an al­gae­cide and acid to cre­ate the op­ti­mal pH level.

“Get­ting the pH level right is im­por­tant as it dic­tates how much chlo­rine turns into hypochlor­ous acid, an ac­tive in­gre­di­ent needed to kill germs, al­gae and bac­te­ria,” Rick says.

“If your pool water has turned green from a high con­cen­tra­tion of al­gae, you may need to ‘shock’ the water with a large one-off dose of chlo­rine.”

“Be sure to run the fil­ter af­ter adding the chlo­rine and don’t en­ter the pool un­til the chlo­rine level falls be­low 3 ppm (parts per mil­lion) other­wise swim­mers risk get­ting dry, itchy skin and red, dry eyes,” he says. “Al­ter­nately, you use chlo­rine-free Aqua-Health Ul­tra Shock which is added to the pool while the pump is run­ning. The pool is ready to swim in within a few hours.”

Rick says the fourth step is to clean your pool’s sur­faces, which are of­ten stained af­ter a pe­riod of ne­glect or when a pool cover has been in use over win­ter.

“The last steps are to check that your pool fence and child­proof gate and latch are se­cure and in good work­ing or­der and the re­sus­ci­ta­tion chart is still vis­i­ble,” he says.

“Fur­ni­ture or pot plants should be po­si­tioned away from the fence so young chil­dren can’t use them to climb into the pool area.”

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