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At homeme with Learn­ing maths didn’t come easy to this ta­lented teacher

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Pair of ele­phants nts

They are from a trip to Uganda a few weeks ago. I went there to visit schools funded by an Aus­tralian NGO to help en­gage kids with maths. To see their joy in learn­ing was a huge priv­i­lege.

Ev­ery­one has the po­ten­tial ten­tial to be a math­e­ma­ti­cian, says s 2018 Aus­tralian Lo­cal Hero Ed­die Woo. And he says he is liv­ing g proof. “If you wanted to find a non-maths per­son, that was me at school,” he says. “I took all the hu­man­i­ties for the HSC — I never had a pas­sion for maths.”

The ta­lented teacher, who o still teaches the sub­ject at Cher­ry­brook Tech­nol­ogy nol­ogy High School in north­west­ern Syd­ney, ey, has gained a steady on­line fol­low­ing with his is YouTube chan­nel, af­fec­tion­ately known as WooTube, since he launched it in 2012 to help a stu­dent who was miss­ing class be­cause of ill­ness.

Pretty soon, he had a steady fol­low­ing ol­low­ing which now stands at 340,000 sub­scribers scribers and his videos have been viewed more than 18 mil­lion times. He has just re­leased his first book, Woo’s Won­der­ful World Of Maths.

Iron­i­cally, he cred­its his suc­cess as a maths teacher to his own lack of abil­ity in the he sub­ject while he was at school.

“If you have a teacher that is so good od at the sub­ject, some­times they can­not com­pre­hend re­hend what it is like to not un­der­stand some­thing,” hing,” he says. “That can be some­what counter er pro­duc­tive when you’re an ed­u­ca­tor.

“The main thing I can bring is the abil­ity lity to em­pathise with peo­ple if they are strug­gling ing to learn some­thing and to find an­other way into solv­ing the prob­lem.”

Ed­die’s suc­cess has taken him away from m his home in Baulkham Hills that he shares with his wife Michelle and their three young g chil­dren, as he em­barked on na­tional tours for or Sci­ence Week, and trav­elled far as Uganda to o spread the word — about maths of course.

Acous­tic gui­tar

I have a strange re­la­tion­ship with mu­sic be­cause I was forced the play the piano as a child. But I came to ap­pre­ci­ate its beauty. When you have a prob­lem, mu­sic can make a huge dif­fer­ence.

Cam­era Head­phones

I lis­ten to pod­casts vo­ra­ciously. I love learn­ing about sci­ence, his­tory and pol­i­tics and just the story telling. This Amer­i­can Life is one of my favourites.

I use this cam­era to film my classes. It em­bod­ies the way tech­nol­ogy has al­lowed me to open the win­dows of my class­room. It’s a huge sur­prise to me that peo­ple are watch­ing.

Por­trait of my mum

She died of lung can­cer when I was 18 and she was sick through my later years of school. Her death forced me to grow up and helped me un­der­stand what re­ally mat­ters.

Play­ing cards

These were given to me by a stu­dent and they have Aus­tralian scenes on them. I like to show peo­ple how to do card tricks with maths when I travel to other schools.


I be­came a Chris­tian when I was 14 and I have owned a lot of Bi­bles. This one has space in the mar­gins for writ­ing. I am rough with it but it has shown me years of love.

Aus­tralia’s Lo­cal Hero award

I was com­pletely chuffed when the Prime Min­is­ter handed this to me. My wife didn’t rate me as a high chance to win it and when I went to Can­berra I thought it was great just meet­ing all these in­cred­i­ble peo­ple. It was a shock when I won.

Aus­tralia’s favourite star maths teacher and YouTube Ed­die Woo An older house in Baulkham and three Hills with his wife Michelle chil­dren aged 5, 7, and 11 My acous­tic gui­tar Where fam­ily is. I do a fair and even bit of trav­el­ling in­ter­state any­where in­ter­na­tion­ally. I can sleep is be­ing but what hurts me the most God for away from the kids. Thank hard tech­nol­ogy — butt it’sits still


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