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With all the sour grapes the former Prime Min­is­ter is dol­ing out, wouldn’t it be time to de­clare him a per­sona non grata?

Bev­er­ley King, Mol­ly­mook

Mal­colm Turn­bull should con­sider re­lo­cat­ing to New York per­ma­nently.

Bryan Pri­est­ley, Muswell­brook

The head­ing for your ar­ti­cle “Pros­per­ity is out there for all” (15/9), is in­com­plete. It should have been fol­lowed with “low-in­come, self-funded re­tirees not in­cluded”.

S. Moss, Ham­lyn Ter­race

If Mal­colm Turn­bull wants sym­pa­thy, he can find it in the dic­tio­nary. He might find re­spect there too!

Chris, The Ponds

Now we have this beaten banker lob­bing grenades on our shores about Dut­ton & Co, from the safety of New York! Ah, the irony of it all.

Alan, Valen­tine

The LNP must im­me­di­ately adopt a new stan­dard re­ply. May I sug­gest: Mal­colm who?

Will St­ed­man, Sala­man­der Bay

We are now see­ing the true Mal­colm Turn­bull, a spoilt child who couldn’t ac­cept the fact that we didn’t want him any­more. And to think he was in charge of an en­tire coun­try.

R. San­ders, Par­ra­matta

A let­ter-writer wants one and all to go easy on the bank bash­ing (“Bank bash­ing over­done as profit be­comes sus­pect”, Let­ters, 13/9). Many be­lieve the au­thor­i­ties should come down like a ton of bricks.

Jim, Syd­ney

Al­ways knew Mal­colm Turn­bull was a leftie, La­bor can­di­date who went Lib­eral to tear them down. He’s so ar­ro­gant he doesn’t re­alise he’s been ex­posed.

Er­ica Beesley, Coffs Har­bour

Mal­colm Turn­bull, you are mak­ing a fool of your­self.

Val, Syd­ney

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