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An­other beau­ti­ful young lady gone. Could some­one please ex­plain why peo­ple need drugs to dance?

Teeny Fitzger­ald, Glenorie

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As much as I feel sor­row for the fam­ily of yet an­other drug-re­lated death, the an­swer to all this re­mains the same — please don’t take drugs. Gra­ham Cartwright, Rich­mond

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An­other death at a mu­sic fes­ti­val. Why do these young peo­ple need pills when go­ing to the fes­ti­vals? Don’t they know how to have fun without drugs? Don’t waste time with pill test­ing — just con­fis­cate all tablets be­ing taken in.

Liz Faassen, Port Mac­quarie

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The ar­gu­ments for pill test­ing are some of the most ridicu­lous ones I have heard. There should be only one mes­sage — don’t take drugs.

Rod Wat­son, Surfers Par­adise

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I see that au­thor­i­ties have busted an­other at­tempt by peo­plesmug­glers to bring pas­sen­gers to Aus­tralia by boat. With a score of Libs 80, La­bor 0, surely this is game, set and match.

Rob Jones, Pana­nia

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In typ­i­cal Trump fash­ion, the wall­build­ing Pres­i­dent has turned the old adage on its ear. It now reads “build it and they won’t come”.

Terry Langtry, Lane Cove

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A wealthy Arab teenager in trou­ble at home flees by plane to­wards asy­lum in Aus­tralia, pass­ing over sev­eral in­ter­ven­ing Bud­dhist, Mus­lim and com­mu­nist states. Politi­cians in Western coun­tries fight for pub­lic­ity to see who can ac­cept her fastest. No reams of pa­per­work, no weeks on a boat, no months locked in a de­ten­tion cen­tre or years in a refugee camp. This just sends out all the wrong mes­sages.

John Raven, Westleigh

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