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5 One who acts jointly with a bar­rel maker on a hill 7 Qui­etly turns to mar­i­juana 8 A mem­ber of the Finch fam­ily is a bread pro­ducer 10 TTTT? 12 Rise rapidly to a po­si­tion with a high fly­ing cracker 14 Wave to a fel­low tele­graphist per­haps 20 Fly off the han­dle in opera gen­er­ally 21 Make amends for a pitch 22 A snow run­ner in the out­skirts 23 Re­luc­tance to spend from a con­fi­dence trick is firstly un­touch­able


1 Takes off an ill-fit­ting artist’s out­er­gar­ment 2 Fed up with be­ing ready to drop 3 Is able to pro­duce a prin­ci­pal part of a long poem 4 Knock out Pekingese lead­ers for a frac­tion of a rou­ble 5 Firm sup­port­ers of hooded rep­tiles 6 A beau­ti­ful flower had rough be­gin­nings by the early sev­en­ties 9 Sup­ple­ment­ing an Ori­en­tal ruler 11 Os­ten­ta­tious dis­play of a lit­tle Aztec lat­tice­work 13 Thins down a type of mea­sure fin­ish­ing af­ter Christ­mas 15 Trou­bles risk in­gre­di­ents 16 Gal­lops from sound mov­able bar­ri­ers 17 A bro­ken nose for in­def­i­nitely long pe­ri­ods of time 18 Con­jur­ing chat­ter on Olympic fi­nals 19 Reg­is­ters min­utes


5 One who helps 7 Con­tainer 8 Pas­trycook 10 Hits off 12 Fire­work 14 Rail­way worker 20 Vi­o­lent anger 21 Re­deem 22 Snow glide 23 Par­si­mony


1 Mim­ics de­ri­sively 2 Tired 3 Poem di­vi­sion 4 Rus­sian mon­e­tary unit 5 Ven­omous snakes 6 Got up 9 Con­triv­ing to make a liv­ing 11 Bril­liance of suc­cess 13 Narrows 15 An­noys 16 Can­ters 17 Ages 18 Legerde­main 19 Brief records

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